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Opponents of the Shephard Lane alignment plan a protest:  Davis County Clipper Davis County Council of Governments recommended no more advance purchases of land for the West Davis Corridor: Davis County Clipper Matt Gore gets some press with his engineering skills: Standard-Examiner

Comment Period Extended to March 25th

The EIS team sent out an email yesterday with updated information about the study since the open house. Somethings to note from the email: Comment period extended to March 25 so as to be included in this phase of the study 5000 comments so far Lines on the maps are not final until 2013 Refinements […]

City Council and Mayor Support a C-1 Alignment

The Standard Examiner reports that the Farmington City Council and Mayor support a C-1 alignment for the West Davis Corridor: This is a shift in City policy as the Farmington City Master Transportation Plan currently supports the A-1 or westerly alignment. This has not always been the case as the Farmington Master Transportation Plan […]

Opinion: Opposing the C-1 Alignment, Favoring South and Westerly Alignment

This letter is from David Stringfellow a subscriber and is in response to the resent post advocating the C-1 alignment. David opposes the C-1 alignment and favors the existing south and westerly alignment as indicated in the Farmington City Master Transportation plan. Any other thoughtful opinions on the West Davis Corridor alignments are welcomed […]