John Bilton – Farmington City Council Candidate 2009

Here are John Bilton’s responses to questions he was asked by email:


Q: What is your vision for the commercial growth of west Farmington in particular and other areas of Farmington?
A: I know what I do not want, I do not want a commercial center like Layton or Centerville (no offense to those communities), but we have an opportunity to do a much better job with our commercial development because we on the front end of that development cycle in Farmington.  The creation of a destination lifestyle center is a much more desirable goal for Farmington and West Farmington in particular.  Development that is mixed use in nature with a st lye that is congruent with Farmington, creating a sense of place that is walkable, safe, bicycle friendly and offers amenities that draw people from surrounding areas.  We have a project in Station Park that fills most of the goals above, but there is still a lot of ground and work to do to make sure we have a first class commercial mixed use development in our city.


Q: With the changes in the economy what will be your approach to residential development in Farmington?
A: We need to make sure the projects we have approved to date and are in development are held to the standards of their approval.  This needs to be done in order to set the expectation for future residential developers.  I believe Farmington is predominately a single family residential community, but there will be locations and projects that create multi family projects in the future.  The economy has slowed residential development in the city, when development is slow and prices have dropped developers may look to increase density in projects, we will need to make sure we do not create densities that we do not want.


Q: Please state your position on the Legacy North to Legacy Parkway connector?
A: I was on the Planning Commission and voted against the preferred route that UDOT wanted for the Legacy North Connector.  I want to the least impact to Farmington as possible.  I do not want to bifurcate our city.  UDOT ultimately can put the road where they please, but if we offer alternatives that the Army Core of Engineers and UDOT may accept we can create alternatives that will create the least impact to our city.


Q: What perspective can you give on the recently passed Farmington City Master Transportation Plan? What impacts do you see on west Farmington from the changes in the Transportation Master Plan?
A: This is a very progressive plan.  Farmington is forward looking in this plan as to where our preferred route for Legacy is and as to what the street overlay will be for our commercial corridors west of I-15.  Buildings change but the street network often never does.


Q: What changes if any do you want enacted in Farmington and Farmington City government?
A: I want to make sure people understand what is going on, education is the key to understanding issues in our city.  Discussing issues related to Farmington in the context of our ordinances and zoning regulations is important, to often I have seen citizens that do not know these regulations.  Creating opportunities for citizen education is a change I would encourage.


Q: What Farmington issues are most important to you?
A: Please see for a complete listing of issues important to me.


Q: What else do you what said about you on
A: I believe I am fair minded, forward thinking and I have a strong desire to see Farmington be a great place to live for decades to come.  I am raising my family here and I love this community, as a result I want to create an environment that honors our past and maintains our unique character.