Save West Farmington Rally

300-500 residents from Farmington gathered on February 28, 2011 at Eagle Bay Elementary to rally support for an I-15 WDC alignment. Cory Ritz of the Farmington City Council spoke along with Anita Todd. Maps and petitions were available for attendees. An ABC4 news crew was there with a spot on the 10PM news. news article


  1. Jim says:

    I appreciate Anita Todd for her efforts to pull this meeting together, however, I’m not sure she’s the right person to be presented as the spokesperson for Farmington. I’m concerned about the claim made that the C-1 option would save 450 homes and 18,000 acres of habitat. This claim misrepresents the truth and appears to have been made to add “data” to support her position. I think we should let facts speak for facts; there will be loss and damage no matter how the road finally goes in. In my opinion, the tone of this meeting was divisive and seemed to be aimed more at pitting neighborhood against neighborhood than to address the issues from Farmington’s perspective.

    My home is in an area that will be equally affected by either plan. I was hoping this meeting would have addressed how we as a community can work together to ensure that this essential piece of infrastructure can be built with the least impact to our combined neighborhoods (i.e. construction techniques and materials). Instead, what was presented was mostly invective and hyperbole directed at vilifying the honest concerns of my neighbors.

    I hope that as this process moves forward we, as neighbors, can ignore those trying to incite us one against another. Working together I’m sure we can find ways to make this work for the majority of the residents impacted directly or indirectly. (obviously, it will not work in any way, shape or form for those that will actually lose their homes to demolition)

    And please, can we all agree to quit trotting our children out to hold up signs for the media? So far both of the gatherings to address this issue have done so. No one is being fooled…

    • Jim says:

      Anita has a done a great job. I am not so sure she didn’t just mis-speak about the 18,000 acres of wetlands and 450 homes. Also, the news picks and chooses what they wanted to include in the brief report they made. When it all boils down to it, those that want to get involved and find answers will, and those that don’t care…won’t. But, as far as Anita Todd goes, she is doing a great job.

      At the start of the meeting she listed her objectives and they were to support the farmington council, and point out the facts. If it sounded like she was pitting neighbor against neighbor then that just might have been your take. I think she was right though in pointing out that if we want our voice heard and we truly want whats best for Farmington, we are going to be a fight. Nobody wants to lose their home and way of life, but it is clear one way is better than the other and we need to voice our support with no apologies.

      I agree that the children should not be put into it so much…that part of it has become silly.

      • Julie Ann says:

        Anita was quoting information given by numerous maps and tables that talk about the “impact of the road” as you go out .10, .25 miles. Studies show that 450 homes would be negatively impacted if the south option is chosen as compared to 200 or so if the North Option/C1 is chosen. An equal number of homes (10) will be demolished with either option, according to current studies. The kids actually like making the posters and feel it’s a way to get involved in their community’s attempt to bring awareness to this issue. Many children came over to the FACTS area of the meeting and learned exactly where the routes are that are being proposed. I personally watched Anita help a young girl find the routes on the large map and explain what each route was. “Using children” is a bit of an overstatement. I agree that it’s not the most educated decision to have them simply stand and chant Go West or North for that matter. However, at our meeting they listened to the speech, were involved and like I said, were excited to be part of something bigger than themselves. A lot of time went into several of those posters, cut out pictures of eagles and other wildlife for example. One kid came up with the motto “Let Our Eagles Soar”. I belive this kind of activism as a family can be very beneficial.

  2. Julie Ann says:

    Correction: they weren’t cut out pictures of eagles and wildlife. the kids drew them!